Online Marketing: Tools for Success

Successful marketers have one thing in common, they use the proper analytical tools to drill down on raw statistics and obtain measurable results upon which they can make meaningful projections and strategies.

This is why we at tc.attics use industry leading diagnostic tools to analyze our clients’ online presence some of the instruments we utilize include the Sistrix Toolbox, Majestic SEO, Similar Web, etc… Understanding where you stand exactly will help us create a precise road map for your company.

Some of the Resources we use

Link Intelligence-Tools for SEO, Internet-PR and Marketing. Benchmark your site against your major competitors using keyword trackers, Backlink History tools, advanced link intelligence maps, etc
Data on almost any domain, important KPIs at a glance, keyword rankings, track your domain’s visibility on Google over time. Evaluate your link risk and remove toxic links, learn from your competitors and unveil the secrets of your competitors‘ success
Detailed website analysis via site web measurement and competitive intelligence, check the main sources of your sites incoming traffic, where are your users physically located, and what are their social statuses, understanding your users helps you to create more targeted content
An Online SEO Software to increase on page website optimization some of the main features include automated website crawling, intelligent error detection and monitoring with alerts
SEO Tools

Understand the technical aspects of your site in terms of onsite optimization, keyword analysis and data storage.

Social Media Tools

Improve your social media strategy with a One-stop social media management tools focus on each social media outlet

Content Marketing Tools

“Content is King” Bill gates understood this back in 1996 – and it is still valid today give your users what they want

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