tc.attics Areas of Expertise

Our international team is divided between two continents Europe and the US, we understand what it means to be a truly international company and what the challenges are in a multinational and multicultural environment.
The Internet is even more diverse and your customers are not limited to a single geographic location but rather spread across all fife continents. This offers incredible opportunities for your business as you can reach billions of potential customers – but what is the best way to approach them – how should you change your social media strategy for different marketplaces. The tc.attics team will assist you in developing the right strategy for your company, and help you connect to millions of new customers.


Jump ahead of the competition in your Google search results - page 1 guaranteed!
Each rank gained on the Google results translates into immense increases in sales

Social Media Strategy

The right social media strategy guarantees a profitable boost to your bottom line!
Quantify your social media efforts in a measurable ROI – we will show you how.

User Experience

Meet the exact needs of your customers, without fuss or bother using elegant design
Distinguish between the user experience (UE) and the user interface (UI)


“Lead the pack” keep abreast of all the important developments in design and creativity
We will do the work for you in our monthly newsletter we will inform you on the ever-changing trends in design and creativity

tc.attics Other Services

The above mentioned online marketing tools compile only a fraction of the services we offer. To be truly successful you have to dig deeper and analyze all aspects of your brand and especially its online presence. It is not enough to just change one aspect of your brand, you need to take a holistic approach and revamp your entire business.


Before you can start any brand transformation you need to truly understand your current position, how your customers see you, and benchmark yourself against your competition.

Strategic Planning


With strategic planning you set priorities, determine what resources to use and focus you energy on specific actions.

Website Development

Your website is your home on the internet – the first impression an online customer has and we all know there is only ”one first impression” make this one count!

Project Management


Project management is a strategic competency and when applied correctly an lead to incredible efficiency and effectiveness

Why Choose Us

tc.attics is an experienced online marketing firm and can give you a fresh perspective. We offer additional value though our network of highly specialized partners in areas such as Server Hosting, Legal and Administrative, Packaging and product design, etc

What Our Client’s Say

Great experience working with you guys. I enjoyed your creative approach and attention to detail. tc.attics truly understood where I wanted to bring my company and were able to create an actionably plan for our future. Thanks!!!!
Lukas Schmidt, Lukewarm LLC
Danke für die tolle Zusammenarbeit! Unsere neue Firmenwebsite hat unsere Erwartungen übertroffen. Wir konnten schon nach wenigen Wochen deutliche Verbesserungen in unseren Konvertierungs-Raten sehen!!!
Silvia Kaufmann, Gty. bb GmbH